Eye Candy: {Prentice Hicks Glass}

A few weeks ago, I mused about the {relatively new} tradition of bridal/wedding registries.

So far, we have registered at one store.*  

I mentioned that occasionally I like to give gifts that aren't on the registry, so I thought I'd share one of my favorites.

Prentice Hicks Glass  

Each piece of glass is a work of art... that can be used in everyday life. 

Prentice Hicks is an artist based in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.  

His work is gorgeous and so unique.  

Each piece is hand-blown.

Individually numbered and signed.

And, best of all, it is functional.  

I own some pieces and use them frequently.  For personal use, I prefer the ones designated as "cups".  I use them to serve ice cream and other desserts, as well as juice and tea. 

I have used them to serve wine on casual occasions...
sort of an interesting substitute for stemless wine glasses.

I have also used them as candy dishes.

For wedding gifts, I am partial to the flutes

They are elegant.

And fun.  

All of the colors are amazing.

And, like snowflakes, each one is a little different.  

You can mix and match and create a set you think would appeal to the recipients, or give matching pieces. 

The glasses are treats to use, and even better, they serve as incredible eye candy when on display.  

I have chosen to give the glasses as wedding gifts because they are unique, handmade in the USA, beautiful, useful, and durable enough to be treasured and passed along to the next generation.  

And, I'm a big fan of incorporating art into daily life.  

What about you?  Is there are certain item you like to bestow upon newlyweds?

If you'd like to know more about the artist, check out this interview.  

To view the glass in detail, or place an order, visit the artist's website.

*{In spite of The Weather Man™'s pleas, we will not be registering at amazon.com. If you know me personally, and realize that I am, in fact, registered at amazon.com, please call me immediately.}

{These are not my photographs.  I listed the source where I found each one.  If something is incorrect, please notify me.}


  1. These are stunning!!! I am looking for quite a few wedding gifts and these could be perfect! Thanks for sharing!! xoxox

  2. Love these glasses! Works of art!

  3. I agree with Sandy- stunning also comes to mind! I am also looking for gifts for 2 brides! Thanks- loving them !


  4. Perfectly imperfect beauty, I'd love a set or two of the turquoise blue for a table setting. I love using bold colored water goblets, and those low "cups" would be stunning.