All-Natural Easter Egg Dye {DIY}

Yesterday, I shared a recipe for making egg dyes using natural ingredients.

I used ingredients I had in my kitchen.

All dyes were plant based.

For recipe and instructions, read here.

I received several questions about the individual colors.

So, here's a closer look.

Leftover wine made an interesting color {and pattern}:

I'm partial to the paprika.
Hard to tell in this photo, but it dyed the eggs a pretty, golden color.

Red cabbage made nice blues.
Interestingly, these three eggs were in the same bowl for the same amount of time.

A closer peek at the variations in the cabbage dye...

The frozen raspberries created surprising results.

Another example of the different results from the same bowl of color:

The orange peels:

If any of you make your own egg dyes, I'd love for you to share the recipe for your favorite color.  

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  1. beautiful! I think the paprika and cabbage colors are my favorites. Happy Easter! xo, ebh