Bridesmaid Proposals

Did you know there is a wedding trend known as "bridesmaid proposals"...
basically, a proposal to those ladies in your life...
to ask them to be bridesmaids in a creative and special way?

I did not.  I do now.

I have been an attendant in eight weddings.  The latest was a few years ago.

Apparently this trend emerged somewhere in the interim?

I suppose it makes sense, women love this sort of thing.

And bridesmaids typically spend lots of time and money to make sure the bride's day {and general bridal experience} is as special as possible.

I have read about brides "proposing" using videos and short films, grand gestures, etc.

I took a much simpler approach.

I wanted to do something special and personal, but not over the top.

 I love paper.

{I really love paper}

And calligraphy.

I wanted to ask them to be part of my wedding in writing.

I went on a search.

And, found these.

I ordered them from a sweet, talented gal I found on Etsy.   The cards are beautiful, and she is a dream to work with.  She responded to all of my two hundred inquiries within hours.  I placed the order on Wednesday.  They were completed, and shipped out on Friday. 
You can check out her work here.  

They are fully customizable...names, color combinations, etc. I chose the midnight blue because I love the color and thought it would make a pretty card.  

{I haven't chosen my wedding colors yet.}

It is hard to tell from these photos just how wonderful and well done they are.

 Simple and pretty.

I loved seeing all the names in the beautiful script.

If you are the market for custom calligraphy, check out Everly.

I will share with you exactly how I presented them in a later post. 

*Note to The Filers:  This will not become a wedding blog.  However, I am having a blast planning mine, and am in the midst of that time frame where several decisions must be made. I am having some great experiences, and want to share in hopes that it could help someone else...whether with a wedding or otherwise.  I anticipate the "planning a wedding" posts will taper off.  


  1. Greetings! I found my way here via Anita's lovely blog and am about to happily weave my way thru your pictures and posts :-)

    I agree, there is something about real paper, real ink, the flow of 'hand to pen to paper'...
    Romantic, emotive, ancient. Of such are memories made ~ saved within pages of books, safe-kept within treasure boxes.

    Loved your post script regarding flies not evolving into a wedding blog - tho for my vote, I think it great fun to come along on the planning, sharing your steps towards 'the day' :-)

    (There's nary a topic under the sky that won't grow stale if it's the ONLY thing that is shared/discussed for certain - but life is as you live it and I hope you'll share here what pleases YOU! (in fact, I think that was one of Anita's tips) :-)

    Nice to have found your writings...

  2. Oops!
    That should read "regarding FILES not evolving..."
    So much for MY proof-reading skills, roflmao
    (said the embarrassed and oft keyboard dyslexic Issy) :-)