Monday Musings: {The Wedding Theme}

I know there are women who have had their weddings planned in their heads for years...

Who have clipped and saved photos {and the modern version...pinned images...}

Who had the notebook under their beds just sitting on 'go' when the proposal came...

I am not one of those women. 

Getting the ball rolling in the wedding planning process was very overwhelming to me. 

One day, when I was puzzling over how in the world one chooses a wedding date, The Weather Man™  asked, "When have you always envisioned getting married?  What season?"

Good question.

I did not have a good answer.

I am happy to report that some big items have been checked off the list.
We have a date.
We have some of the main vendors booked.
We have save the date cards on the way.
I have ordered the dress. 
We have a "theme".

Our wedding reception will be a farm-to-table celebration.  

There will be food served that was produced on the premises.
Homegrown favors.
Decorative touches made by my mother, my future mother-in-law, and myself.
If the weather is nice, there will be lawn games at cocktail hour.
Families piling in for hayrides.

{Imagine the possibilities with those apples: jams, apple butter, pies, tarts, a glaze for the pork...?}

Depending on mother nature, and when Spring planting occurs, there will either be corn in the surrounding fields, or corn stalks.  For those of you who don't know, corn must dry before it is cut.
So, immediately before harvest, it is brown rather than a deep green.
I think there is a charm to both landscapes.
I'm alright with either one.
Which is good, because it is in His control, not mine.

  All photos in this post were taken during previous Septembers.

There is nothing quite like autumn sunlight, in my book.

Fall has always been a time for celebrations for farm families.
The harvest.
A time for gathering with loved ones, reaping, and giving thanks.

What better time of year for a farmer's daughter to get married?


  1. Wow, what an ending!!

  2. Oh Emily, it sounds absolutely perfect!! I think farm to table weddings are SO beautiful (I always admire them on Pinterest and Style Me Pretty - I haven't been to one). It will be fun planning it with your mother and future mother-in-law (lucky them!).

    Enjoy your day (look for an e-mail from me a bit later)!! xoxo

  3. I am dying! This is going to be so wonderful and I LOVE the farm-to-table theme! Please keep us updated.

  4. Emily, the direction and heart of your plans thus far are warm, real and capture the duality your life! Bravo!

    Right you are also in relation to 'the light' of fall.... It is unique. It's always reminded me of the banked embers of a fire - deep and significant - much like a wedding actually.

    Tho I may be a bit biased, (having been married in the fall myself) I think it a grand time of year for your wedding. It's going to be breathtaking with farm tables, blazing colored leaves, backset by the fields. Imagine the pictures of your day...

    And if it rains? Well, it will be cozy and beautiful within another beautiful template of fall and nature.

    Already looking forward to your next series of updates!


  5. It sounds like it will be a beautiful event! If I had to do mine over again I would have it at a farm near us, maybe for a big anniversary down the road:). Your pics look like the North Fork of LI, just beautiful! Jen

  6. This sounds wonderful, autumn is such a great time of year. I love the them, you can do so much with it. Looking forward to more updates.