Monday Musings: {The Bridal Registry}

I read somewhere that the newly engaged can't register too soon.  The article said that a future bride should register as soon as she feels like it, because people will send gifts earlier than imagined.

We haven't registered.

 I don't even know where to begin.
{perhaps with a wedding date...?}

Much to my surprise, we have already received a thoughtful, fantastic gift.

My father, The Farmer, lives in a time warp.
{a fact that will probably become obvious to regular readers....}

The idea of a wedding registry offends his sensibilities.

In a big way.

He thinks people shouldn't "go out make a list of presents, and tell people what to buy them."  

According to wikipedia, the practice of a bridal registry started in 1924, at the Chicago founded department store, Marshall-Fields.  Apparently, bridal registries are only popular in America.

So, it is a relatively "new" trend.  Less than a hundred years old.  

No wonder The Farmer doesn't dig it.

Personally, I don't know anyone, married within the last 15 years, who didn't (or, doesn't) have a registry.

What say you, Farm Filers?  Any thoughts on the matter?  

I have been a guest at weddings where the couple registered only for
fine china and silver.

I have been a guest at weddings where the couple registered only for
bathroom decor and measuring cups.
(it seemed)

I have been known to give couples gifts that were not on the registry.  Especially if I know the couple well.   I like to give something well-made, that will hopefully be passed along to the next generation.  Does anyone else do this?  Or, do you stick with the registry?

Did any of you opt out of registering?  Any regrets?

*I am unsure of this photo's original source.  I have seen it floating around the web for a while now.  I am not claiming credit for it by posting it here.  Aren't those packages gorgeous?  

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