For the Love of {Eggs}

Earlier this week, I shared a tutorial for making your own natural egg dyes.

I received several inquiries about the eggs I used.

I'll admit that I love having my own egg supply.

And, knowing...

Knowing that the chickens haven't received any antibiotics or hormones...

Knowing what they eat...

Knowing that they are free to roam in the fresh air and sunshine...

Knowing their names.

Why would I go through so much trouble to have healthy, sustainable, natural, eggs, only to dunk them in a cup of poison?

That is why I explored how to make natural egg dyes.

We have two breeds on this farm.

Rhode Island Reds and Brown Leghorns

Both are heritage breeds.

The Rhode Island Reds lay beautiful brown eggs...probably what comes to mind when you think of farm-fresh-eggs.

The Leghorns lay perfectly white eggs.

Generally, I'm partial to the brown eggs.
{For aesthetic reasons only}

But, for coloring, I opted to use the white ones.

I made the dyes using ingredients I found in the kitchen.

Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend.


  1. Very, very cool that you have fresh eggs every day! I wouldn't want to ruin them with poison dye either. Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  2. Lovely images, as always...
    And I can't help but believe that if our creatures are well treated and are content in life that the eggs/meat/milk they gift to us will be better as well. Both in the quality they give and we, the happier, for knowing they live(ed) well!

    PS many thanks for the safe-egg-colour tips!