Saturday {New Line from Kate Spade and Vineyard Visit}

As I'm sure many of you know, the kate spade new york family grew by one last month, with the launching of Kate Spade Saturday.

The items offered in the line are a bit more causal than the pieces from kate spade new york.  
They are also substantially cheaper.  

The US based online store, Saturday.com, went live in March 2013.  

Of course, I combed the website upon activation, but didn't get excited about too much.
I'm a big fan of the classic, traditional, somewhat preppy aesthetic of the original clothing line.


Notes from the Garden

Springtime brings with it lots of activity to the farm.

And lots of beauty.

And lots of work.

Longer days mean more sunlight for getting things done.


Tuesday's Tip: {Personalized Wine Glasses}

One of my very best friends is getting married.
Her engagement party was Saturday night. 

Although gifts at an engagement party are not obligatory, I wanted to give the couple a little something.  
Because I am so excited for them.
And, so excited to be celebrating this life event with them.


Saturday Shopping: Splurge vs. Steal, A Stool

If you've read any of my "What I Wore" posts, then you know that I love a bargain, and I don't shy away from money-saving moves.

One of my favorite pieces in my home is an old drop leaf table.
It is covered with chippy white paint.
I paid $20.00  for it, as is. 

It used to live in the farmhouse guest bedroom, as a {rather large} bedside table.   
It is now in my living room in front of the big, double windows overlooking the front lawn.   

Because it was so inexpensive, I have no qualms about dragging it out of doors whenever I entertain there.

Here it is last Spring, just waiting for The Farmer's birthday cake.


I have been looking for a stool...or a small ottoman...or a pouf...small enough to store underneath the table, to use as extra seating in my living room.


Friday at the Farm: {Itty Bitty Little Biddies}

The newest additions arrived this week.

Little Rhode Island Reds.

Baby hens are called "biddies".

The biddies are staying in their own special, custom built house.
Where they are safe.
And warm.


Guest Posting at You May Be Wandering ~ Part II

I am pleased to be guest posting over You May Be Wandering  again today.

I hope you will wander along with me as I share some of my favorite places, tastes, and moments from our recent Tuscan adventure.

I am completely enamored with Sandy's blog.
If you haven't already, take a moment to check it out, and you'll see why.
When I first started blogging, I often read that the most rewarding part of writing a blog is the people you meet.
  I am finding that to be true.


"Wandering" From Farm To Farm

Today, I am so excited to let you know that I am guest posting over at
You May Be Wandering.

Please join me as I share my experience with another farmhouse.

One located in southern Tuscany. 


Do yourself a favor and check out her blog while you're there.

You'll love it.

It is gorgeous, and full of all kinds of tips and tricks for travelling. 
But, it's more than that. 
She is witty, has brilliant ideas, and her enthusiasm for the world around her
 really does shine through her writing.

Ciao, Farm Filers.


A Farm Weekend: {Potato Planting & Spring Calves}

What a gorgeous weekend full of springtime weather, family, friends, good food, and worship!   

The Weather Man™  helped get the weekend started off on the right foot by sending me this lovely Easter bouquet last Thursday.  

The potatoes were planted in the garden.

For those of you who don't know...to grow a potato, you plant a potato.

How To Plant Potatoes