How To: {Simple Gift Wrap}

As we all know, presentation is important.

Even the smallest gift deserves to be dressed up.

I try to keep a few items on hand, so a small package can be wrapped at a moment's notice...

a hostess gift...

a last minute birthday treat...

a shower gift when you didn't receive much notice...

Which is exactly what happened to me recently.

Luckily, I had three key items on hand.

1.  A cello bag

I cannot say enough good things about these bags.

They can easily make the smallest treat seem special.

Wrap the gift in tissue paper, and place inside the bag.  Because they are clear, any color of tissue paper works.  Printed tissue paper is especially fun. 

These bags are great for jazzing up a homemade treat like jam or pickles or salsa 
or a decorated sugar cookie.

Just put the jar or cookie in the bag, and add a great ribbon. If the gift itself is pretty, I omit the tissue paper and just tie a pretty bow.


2.  A card.

A thoughtful, handwritten note is the perfect addition.  

I keep all kinds of cards and writing papers on hand.

I love paper.

Even when I was a student, and had zero dollars, I had Crane & Co. monogrammed writing paper.  
{Please know that I am not advocating this behavior.  I have since been introduced to Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman, and have come to understand that such decisions were not on my road to financial freedom...just explaining the importance I place on good stationery}

can you see the polka dot liners?

Give some thought to envelope liners.  They really do take things to the next level.

3.  Ribbon.

Think beyond the ribbon typically found on the "wrapping paper" aisle.  

Baker's twine {which is currently wildly popular and now comes in many options beyond the traditional red & white} or jute string works well, too.  Depending on the look you're going for.

I stock up on ribbon when I find it on sale, or if I come across something that I think is really unique.

You never know when you might need it.  

This gift was put together in just a few moments using items I already had.  While it is nothing extraordinary, I think it works just fine.

Do you have any handy go-to wrapping tricks?


  1. Sorry took me awhile to follow, but I'm here, yay!!

  2. That's a great idea! Many times, I am scrambling to get packages ready and pulled together. This would save me so much time! :)