Friday at the Farm: Garden Prep

When it comes to vegetable gardens, my mantra is go big or go home.

If I'm going to take the time to tend to one tomato plant, I'm just as happy to tend to a dozen.

Or two dozen.

In preparation for Spring, the garden plot has been plowed.

After having the garden elsewhere for six years, it was time for a move. 

That land needs to rest (not my idea...see Exodus, chapter 23). 

Cold Weather Plowing

Turning up the soil in the wintertime exposes any worms or pests that might be wintering deep in the soil, resting up before they come out to devour the vegetables you worked so hard to produce...

...not to mention bacteria and whatever other disease-spreading-uglies that might be hiding with hopes of surviving until warmer weather.

The cold weather will kill them.

This is a simple, organic way to help obliterate the enemies of the vegetables.

The soil here is heavy and full of clay.  If you live in a place where the soil is sandy, plowing this time of year is not recommended. 

Growing What You Eat

I encourage you to grow your own food.  

Give it a try even if you live in the city.

The smallest of garden plots can yield enough vegetables for a family. 

  Or, try containers...the amount of food that can be grown in containers, on a balcony or porch, is amazing.  Or, grow a few herbs on a windowsill in your kitchen. 

Growing your own food provides a satisfaction that is hard to describe.  Doing so connects you to the earth, its cycles and seasons, and to the ultimate Provider. 

(and further, it's healthier, cheaper, and conserves natural resources.) 


  1. Amazing photograph!

  2. I have always loved planting and getting down and dirty in the flower beds. I am not much of a veggie gardener, but I do enjoy my flowers and plants.Something about slipping on those polkadot boots and slidding on my gardening gloves makes me feel happy instantly.
    - Jessica Grimsland

    1. Yes, it's therapy! I'd love to see your boots! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. this is great advice and therapeutic. I usually just grow herbs, a couple of tomatoes and some berries, because we travel a lot in the summer. But, those things I grow, taste so much better because they are fresh from my little garden. LOVE what you are doing.