Monday Musings: Raw Honey Skincare Regimen, Part II

My lips stay dry and chapped this time of year.

I have found a perfect solution. 

A natural solution.  

I exfoliate them twice a week, using the following recipe.

a half teaspoon of raw honey
one teaspoon of sugar

Mix it (I just use my finger) into a paste.

Gently massage it onto your lips.

Let it dry a bit.  

Then, rinse.

This leaves lips so soft.

Honey naturally moisturizes, unlike many ingredients used  in popular exfoliants, which are actually drying.  

I only use raw honey, which I discussed here.

This is not an exact recipe.  Experiment and find the consistency that works for you.  

Sometimes I just put a drop of honey on the back of my hand, and sprinkle sugar over it, and mix it on the back of my hand.  Added bonus: my hand is exfoliated and moisturized as well.  

I hesitated to write this post, because if its simplicity, but I was pleasantly surprised by the buzz (haha) in response to my first post, where I shared why, and how, I use raw honey as a face wash.  

One reader e-mailed me over the weekend, sharing a recent article about celebrities who are using raw honey as part of their beauty regimens.  So, there you have it, Farm Filers*, we are ahead of the trends!

*Farm Filers = a term of endearment for my fabulous faithful readers


  1. Oh, I need to try this. My lips get so chapped this time of year if I don't keep something on them.

  2. Hi there! What a lovely blog :)

    I absolutely LOVE honey! I use it as a mask and for my hair as a natural conditioner, plus it gives it nice shine :) I will have to try this sometime for my lips.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment - I do appreciate it!

    Have a wonderful week.