A Valentine's Day Gift Idea

If the man in your life likes gifts of the practical sort, I have an idea for you.  

Eddie Bauer shearling driving moccasins

I gave them to The Weather Man™  as a Christmas treat.

I'm not sure he's taken them off since.


He's been known to wear them in public.  

I think he likes the mocs because he would never buy them for himself.  

They are a little luxurious,  

yet practical.  

They are warm and comfortable,

 yet sturdy enough to wear outdoors. 

I waffled between this pair and a similar pair from L.L. Bean.  Both received glowing customer reviews.  I settled on this pair because Eddie Bauer had a big sale in December, making these the better deal.   At the time, both companies offered free shipping.

In doing research for this post, it appears the Bean has free shipping, with no minimum order, so that might be the better deal for a Valentine's Day treat.  

Do any of you have a slam-dunk gift idea?  I would love for you to share it with us.  

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