Notes from the Garden

Springtime brings with it lots of activity to the farm.

And lots of beauty.

And lots of work.

Longer days mean more sunlight for getting things done.

Timing is everything.

If you do one thing late, everything else becomes late.
{If that makes sense?}

Procrastinating is simply not an option.


Before I started writing this blog, I did lots of research, including reading tips from other bloggers.  One thing they all said was that it is better to not publish a post than to publish sub-par work.  
I hope you'll be patient with my {temporary} not so frequent posting.

A few garden notes...

The onions are going gangbusters.

We have had lots of warm days and April showers over the last few weeks.

So, everything is growing like crazy.

Including weeds.

The potatoes we planted on Good Friday have broken through.

As the sun was setting the other day, I took a bazillion photos of the apple trees blossoming.

For no other reason than I think they are beautiful.

I stood and stared at them from different angles for at least 10 minutes.
Probably because I was too tired to move.

Just taking in the beauty of the moment.

It found it very relaxing and restorative.

I wish you the same.

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  1. The flower photos are lovely!!!

    While I miss your posts, your "real life" should always take precedence...you live on a farm and it is Spring...the planting is important!! Plenty of time to blog later!!!


  2. The smell of the dirt as you dig in it in springtime is like a fine wine, don't you think?

  3. Beautiful blossoms, the buzzzzz of bees, sprouting green, and that sort of TIRED that would be overwhelming if it weren't accompanied with the elation of accomplishment! lol

    *and I think you've hit upon a great truth - it's THAT DEEP KIND OF TIRED that is both the mandate (and joy) of standing still long enough to soak in the beauty of the farm(s)*

    Get some rest :-)
    Hugs, Issy