Guest Posting at You May Be Wandering ~ Part II

I am pleased to be guest posting over You May Be Wandering  again today.

I hope you will wander along with me as I share some of my favorite places, tastes, and moments from our recent Tuscan adventure.

I am completely enamored with Sandy's blog.
If you haven't already, take a moment to check it out, and you'll see why.
When I first started blogging, I often read that the most rewarding part of writing a blog is the people you meet.
  I am finding that to be true.

C.S. Lewis famously said, "Friendship is born the moment when one person says to another, "What! You too?  I thought I was the only one."

Sandy, the blogger behind You May Be Wandering, was my first "blog friend".  It is amazing how a kindred spirit can be identified, and a connection can be made, just by reading words that another person has written.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a small part of her gorgeous blog.

For now. 


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  1. Hi found you through Sandy my your home is SPECTACULAR and has me dreaming!!!! Lucky you. Happy to find your blog and though I am rushing at the moment do look forward to coming back and exploring! Thanks....