Tuesday's Tip: {Personalized Wine Glasses}

One of my very best friends is getting married.
Her engagement party was Saturday night. 

Although gifts at an engagement party are not obligatory, I wanted to give the couple a little something.  
Because I am so excited for them.
And, so excited to be celebrating this life event with them.

{When deciding whether to bring a gift to an engagement party, I think it all depends on your budget and your relationship with the couple.  If you're torn, you could always bring a bottle of wine.  Let's face it, when is a bottle of wine ever a bad idea?}  

With a wedding looming, there are so many expenses down the road... shower gifts, wedding gifts, possible travel costs for the wedding itself...so I think it is best to keep an engagement gift small and practical.  
And, perhaps a little fun.  

I like these guys from Kate Spade:

But, I wanted something a little more personal.

Enter Mark and Graham

It is a new brand from Williams-Sonoma, Inc., launched in 2012.

It is a great resource for personalized gifts.  There are so many unique ideas.

Stemless wine glasses are convenient and perfect for enjoying a nice glass of wine at home.

The bride loves wine.

These will not go to waste.  

Mark and Graham has several monogramming options.  
I chose to buy a pair of glasses, and have the first name of the groom added to one, 
and the first name of the bride to the other.

No arguing over who gets to sip from these fab vessels.

The happy couple loved them.

Each purchase comes gift wrapped.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to give a gift without laying eyes on it first, so I unwrapped one of the glasses.  I was so pleased with it, I took a few photos to share with you all.  

Have any of you shopped at Mark and Graham? 


  1. I fell in love with Mark and Graham this past Christmas. I bought a few gifts (and maybe something for myself), and I just loved the way the beautifully boxed packages looked under the Christmas tree. And the gifts were big hits, too!

  2. I love Mark and Graham! The glasses you bought are really pretty. My daughter gave my niece the Kate Spade "His" and "Hers" glasses for her shower gift and the "Ours" decanter for her wedding gift. Great minds...

    Thanks again for your guest posts last week - they were wonderful! xoxox

  3. A wonderful choice for their engagement gift... Personal, useful, elegant. Thanks also (I think? lol) for the links to shop (as I'm likely to find myself in trouble once I go happily a-looking :-)


  4. I was thinking about getting a few personalized wine glasses like this for my wife for her birthday. Do you think I should put her name on there or should I put a design that she might like?

    1. What a nice birthday gift. I think you should put her name, or her initial, or your monogram as a couple {her first initial, S, then B, or whatever you'd like to use for your first initial} The couples monogram can be really nice. There is just something about receiving a gift personalized with your name or monogram. I'd choose that over a design any day.