Friday at the Farm: {Itty Bitty Little Biddies}

The newest additions arrived this week.

Little Rhode Island Reds.

Baby hens are called "biddies".

The biddies are staying in their own special, custom built house.
Where they are safe.
And warm.

{They don't do well if the temperature drops below 75 degrees}
They will live in this house for several weeks.

We are experiencing an unseasonable cold snap, 
and had to bring in extra heaters last night.
"Unseasonable" as in there was snow and sleet mixed in with yesterday's rain.

They are so delicate at this stage.
Their feathers are as light as air. 
You can hardly feel them against the pads of your fingers.

I took this photo hoping to capture how precious and tiny the biddy is.
 I think the resulting image captures something even more precious.
The Farmer's hands.

Wishing you a weekend full of springtime sweetness...
                                    ~ E

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  1. Oh, how precious! Hopefully, we'll all get some warmer weather for good! Have a great weekend. :)