Saturday Shopping: Splurge vs. Steal, A Stool

If you've read any of my "What I Wore" posts, then you know that I love a bargain, and I don't shy away from money-saving moves.

One of my favorite pieces in my home is an old drop leaf table.
It is covered with chippy white paint.
I paid $20.00  for it, as is. 

It used to live in the farmhouse guest bedroom, as a {rather large} bedside table.   
It is now in my living room in front of the big, double windows overlooking the front lawn.   

Because it was so inexpensive, I have no qualms about dragging it out of doors whenever I entertain there.

Here it is last Spring, just waiting for The Farmer's birthday cake.


I have been looking for a stool...or a small ottoman...or a pouf...small enough to store underneath the table, to use as extra seating in my living room.

As my search wore on, I decided that I'd prefer a stool.
Because of the versatility.

I was drawn to this stool from Pottery Barn.

I like the rustic, casual look provided by the metal.
Combined with the warmth of the wood.  
It looks sturdy and functional.

Here it is in use:

The people in charge of PB staging are geniuses.  
After seeing this photo, tell me you don't want to buy that stool, place it in your bathroom, and pile{monogrammed} towels on top. 
 Or, put it on the porch of your vacation home and pile it full of pool/lake/beach towels.

With tax and shipping {not available in stores}, this stool would be $200.00.

Moving on.

Somewhere, in the mysterious world of the internet, I came across this image:

The ravenous hunt began.

Turns out, this stool is part of the Threshold line at Target.

Clearly, it is not as wide as the PB stool, but it is a few inches higher, 
which would actually suit my purposes better.

And, you can almost buy four of the Target version for the price 
of one from Pottery Barn.

No, the top isn't make of teak, but I'm pretty sure the Target version will hold up just fine against the elements inside my house.  

Good price.  Good looking.  Good user reviews.  


In the midst of my excitement, I began to imagine all of the possibilities and uses for this stool around the house.

As seating, as an accent table, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom {thanks, Pottery Barn marketing team}, in the potting shed, in children's rooms {particularly cute in a boy's room?}, play rooms, covered porches...seriously, if it fits your style, where could you not make use of this?

I may or may not have purchased more than one.

Basically, if you're interested, you should head over to Target immediately and get one.  

Before I gobble up the entire inventory.  

Have you found any great splurge vs. steal deals lately?

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  1. I am a consumate bargain hunter. My friends and I have dubbed it 'coyote hunting', keeping in step with the men in our family who go out deer and bear hunting together. When they hunt for their game, so also do we!

    We have repurposed many 'antiques' and vintage objects over the years. I enjoy buying distressed items so that when my children or pets inevitably distress them further I don't become overly distressed! New and pristine is highly overrated. Old and used tell a story, one that I can contribute to with the time the objects spend with me and my family.

    Happy Hunting!