What I Wore to Work (+ shopping tips)

I work in a very traditional, conservative environment.

Regarding my work wardrobe, my goals are:

To look nice and professional;

To be stylish, yet classic; and

To not spend my entire salary on clothing. 


Here are a few shots of an outfit I recently wore to work.    

Shopping Tips:
Trust me. I've done the legwork.  

1.  The Sweater:  This sweater is Old Navy.  Polka dots are a huge trend.  I have seen similar sweaters at every price point from J. Crew's cashmere line to Forever21.  I bought this one last Fall, on sale.  It was less than $20.00. Personally, I like to put my money in pieces that I will wear for years.  Something tells me a sweater with giant polka dots all over it isn't in that category.   

2.  The Skirt:  The skirt is from Banana Republic.  It is part of their suiting collection.  If you wear suits with any regularity, I recommend BR.  They often have sets which include matching items such as a skirt, jacket, pants (usually in a few styles) and a dress.  With those 4 main pieces, you can mix and match and create several outfits.  BR has sales and promos constantly.  I bought this skirt when everything in the entire store was 40% off. The in-store events are usually held on Wednesdays. Sign up for their e-mail list.  You'll receive notification of these events (as well as online sales and promos).   

Generally speaking, BR has disappointed me over the last few seasons.  The suiting collection is the exception.  I have worn their suits for years.

3.  The Shirt:  I have never met a blue oxford shirt that I didn't like.  I pair them with everything.  This one is from Loft.  

4.  The Shoes:  Kate Spade wedges from 2011.  I wear them every week (they have already been re-soled once).  These shoes deserve their own post.   Here is a similar pair. If you order from katespade.com, signing up for the e-mail list will earn you a coupon code.  I used the discount code that was e-mailed to me to purchase these shoes.  

Happy Wednesday and Happy Shopping. 

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  1. Great tips! I love the outfit. I also love polka dots and banana republic suits! Thanks for your comment on my post today. :)