Monday Musings: An Icing Set

I am planning to make homemade delights to give as Valentine's Day treats this year.*  

While not giving away too many secrets to those who may be recipients, I will say that these delights involve icing. 

When we were growing up, Mama was quite the cake decorator.  

I am borrowing her icing set.  

As many of you probably know, Ateco is still a leader in the field of cake decorating tools.

Many of their products are still made in the U.S.A.

Here is a peek inside:

I have become charmed by her set.

I love that the tips are scratched....

and a little stained by the coloring she has used over the years.

I love seeing her handwriting, and knowing she was so studious in her effort to learn the craft.

On the outside of the box, she wrote her maiden name.  

I  picture her as a young woman of 19 or 20, carefully saving her money to pay for a cake decorating class.  Her quiet anticipation of discovering something new.  Something about this mental picture touches me deeply. 

I picture the many birthday cakes she decorated for us, using these very tools. Sometimes, as an adult, I will recall something Mama did when I was a child, and I will be hit with the realization of how hard she worked to make things special for us.  Always with a giving heart. 

My favorite cake was a likeness of Strawberry Shortcake...it must have taken her hours.  

Mama is a person who knows how to make everyday things extraordinary. 

She creates beauty in the commonplace.    

I can't wait to use her icing set. 

*contains spoilers...The Weather Man™  may not want to read any further until after 2.14.2013.   

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  1. Love the history within those tips. I am amazed to see what kind of creations you come up with to add to the history of the cake decorating tips.

    - Jessica