Bridal Shower Brunch at the Farm

The past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting a bridal shower brunch.

And, when I say "I had the pleasure", I mean that I wholeheartedly enjoyed planning every detail of the day.

The guest of honor loves hydrangeas.

It just so happens that my future mother-in-law has some serious hydrangeas.
{If I were looking for reasons why marrying The Weather Man™  would be a good idea, access to his mother's hydrangea blooms would rank pretty high on the list.*}
Perhaps it already does...

 I cut several and arranged them in containers I already had.

This set is a reproduction of 6 milk bottles in a carrier.
It was a Christmas treat from The Weather Man's™  parents,
and is one of my favorite pieces to use for displaying flowers.

I arranged a few more in a pitcher and placed them at the front entrance of my home.

The weather was perfect, so I set up the brunch outside.

I used this old, chippy white, drop leaf table.
{mentioned here...}

I love the contrast of the silverware and the old wood.

Here is the drink station.

Remember this stool?

And,what Bridal Brunch is complete without mimosas?
Here's the mimosa table.

I don't have any glasses that are ideal for mimosas.
Drinking out of canning jars is a trend that I haven't really embraced.
Until last Saturday. 
 I have more canning jars than I know what do with, and since it is on trend, I thought, "Why not?"
So, the mimosas were served in mason jars.
No one seemed to mind.

I fashioned a little flag out of gold, glittery decorative tape to make the Bride-to-Be's drink special.

And, she loved it.

In a later post, I'll share the menu with you.
And, more photos of the day.

I hope you take away from this post that it is possible to create a nice, memorable event by using pieces that you have on hand, and that are significant to you.
I have learned that if something is particularly meaningful to you, as the hostess, that fact will shine through, making your guests feel important and celebrated.

My tablescape was pretty simple.
I used flowers cut from the yard.
The chairs did not match.
We sipped cocktails from jars that held jams and jellies and pickles in a former life.
I raided my craft cart for the decorative tape.

This was a brunch where good friends came together to celebrate an upcoming marriage.

It was an honor for me to be able to host such a special event at the farm.
 I loved serving my friends using pieces that my grandmothers used for the exact same purpose.
I loved knowing that my friends were sitting on the chairs that women in my family have offered to company for generations.
 I can remember the spot one occupied in my great-grandmother's living room.
Two were part of a set my parents bought for their kitchen table when they were first married.

I like to think that these women would be pleased to know that I have continued their traditions, and am making use of items that were treasured by them.

Although I am quite sure they would be bewildered  to learn that I made my guests drink from canning jars.  

*After this post was drafted, I was informed that my future father-in-law deserves some credit on the hydrangea front.  So, thank you to him for his contribution.  

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  1. Such a beautiful event you created ~ and I have no doubt every woman (past, present and attending!) loved the flow of history and tradition in your choices....

    The hydrangeas are stunning, mimo's in a canning jar are charming (and you have to adore the pure volume a canning jar will hold lol).

    The mix of your furniture, silver flatware, scenery, sunlight (and I swear I can hear the conversation and laughter) amid everyone sharing the day must have created some beautiful memories.

    Well done!


  2. Hi Emily!! What a gorgeous shower your threw for your lucky friend...from the gorgeous hydrangeas to using items shared through generations!

    I hope things are going well in your own wedding preparations...I have missed seeing your pretty blog and was so happy to see it this morning.

    Take care!! xoxo


  3. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Beautiful. Simply, beautiful!

  4. So happy you stopped by! And I'm so happy to have found you as well! I can't wait to see your future postings!

  5. Gorgeous!! How fun and such a pretty setting!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. Just beautiful! Your flowers and settings are just so sweet. We will be having a summer bridal shower on our farm this year too. Thank you for the lovely inspiration. Have a great weekend. Love,Wanda

  7. How wonderful to be able to share such wonderful family treasure and traditions with your friends. The flowers are beautiful and I love anything served in a canning jar! It tastes better, especially in a wonderful rural setting such as yours.