Shall We Catch Up?

Happy Fall!
{Seriously, who thought this one could pen a post 
after not seeing you for months and not throw in a heartfelt "y'all"? }

I have missed you.  
I hope the same is true on your end.

Between the wedding planning and the parties and the showers and the family traditions and the newlywed life...folks, buckle up...
Because I have a lot to say.

The Weather Man™  is a jewel and agreed to move into the farmhouse with me.

I have long loved living on the farm, and even though it is quiet and neighbor-free, I never felt lonely.

However, even after only two weeks, I cannot imagine the place without him.
It feels so much more like home now.
I never realized something was missing.* 

It has been a whirlwind of a summer/early Fall.  

I hope you will grab a {big} cup of coffee, or your favorite seasonal brew, and sit back and enjoy this pictorial review of the past few months around the farm.

I planted a few rows of zinnia seeds in the garden, in hopes that some would 
still be blooming at the end of September.  
My project was a screaming success.  
More on that later.
One unforeseen perk...all of the butterflies!

I have the most amazing and talented family and friends.
I was the honoree at some of the most beautiful gatherings I have ever seen.
At one shower, I received a rolling pin.
Just like my grandmother did at her shower in 1947.

This is the barn on the property.
It is clearly time for a little maintenance.
After a family-wide debate, we decided to put off repair and painting until after the wedding.
I adore the silvery sheen of the weathered barn wood.
It was fun figuring out how to dress up this old girl for the big day.

My 'maids and best girlfriends whisked me away to the Isle of Palms 
for a 4-night bachelorette extravaganza.
We ate good food, lounged on the beach, stayed up way too late talking, 
and spent a Saturday morning paddling around Shem Creek and Charleston Harbor.

About two weeks before the wedding, the seasons truly shifted.
There was a chill in the air at night.
The light changed.
The evening sun turned everything golden.

The sky took on that bluer hue that only appears this time of year. 

This past summer saw lower temps and more rain than any summer in recent memory.  
Amazingly, that worked out very well for several of my little wedding projects.

I came home from work one evening right before the wedding 
and saw this fleet resting in the field next to the house.  

I don't know how to explain the overwhelming gratitude I felt at the sight.

We were in the midst of the best corn harvest we've had in years.
{Our region has been under drought conditions lately.}
All the details were shaping up perfectly and being finalized for the big day.
In that moment, I knew that everything was going to be just fine. 
All the planning and working and worrying were over, and it was time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I am so excited to be back in the blogosphere.
Thank you for your patience during my absence. 
I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

*I'm sure some of you marrieds are grinning because you fully realize the challenges of living together.
I'm just sharing my relief because {in all honesty} I was very concerned about a man moving into my place of solitude.


  1. Hi Emily...I was thinking of you this morning and here is your post this afternoon!! I am so happy for you that all went well with the wedding and you are enjoying newlywed life. I am very much looking forward to a wedding post!

    Welcome back and have a lovely weekend!! xoxo

  2. Ah. Ah! The long season without The Farm Files has come to an end. Your friends and family welcome you back to the blogosphere. Now we can again bask in your rare calm, cleverness, and pure charm. Hooray! TAB