Homemade Marshmallows for Valentine's Day

If you've never made marshmallows from scratch, you really should give it a try.
They are so light and fluffy and much more delicious than the ones found on the grocery store shelves.
The process does involve melting sugar, and using a candy thermometer, but you can do it.

I made some marshmallows recently using Ina Garten's recipe, found here.

Since Valentine's Day is approaching, I cut them into different sized hearts using cookie cutters.  

These would be great to give as small gifts or to serve at a wintertime party.
Where hot chocolate is being served.  

Below are some quick and economical serving and packaging ideas.

If you plan to serve the marshmallows on a tray or as part of a hot chocolate bar, placing them in cute papers makes them a seem a little more personalized and easier for the guests to handle.  
{Good goals to have when entertaining.}

You can even use cupcake papers.
Like these.  

How precious is the gingham?

Can't you just picture a tray or platter filled with these little guys?

If you want to give a small marshmallow as a party favor, 
or as a gift along with some hot cocoa mix, 
just pop it in a bag and tie it up.

Same with a larger marshmallow.

Except this one can hold its own alone in the bag.  

Or, you could group a handful of smaller ones in one bag.

Almost any shape cookie cutter would work for this. 
 Because the marshmallows are a little tacky when you cut them, 
I recommend sticking {!} with simple shapes.  
The marshmallows are also charming cut into simple cubes.

A friend told me that she likes to add a touch of color to her marshmallows.  
Wouldn't these be fun colored pink?  
Make different shapes according to theme or holiday.
Other flavors besides vanilla...peppermint?
Partially dipped in chocolate...
Partially dipped in chocolate with sprinkles such as these teeny hearts...

I did not photograph the process of making the marshmallows.  
Mainly because I had no idea whether they would be a success.  
If you do try making them by this recipe, I will tell you that I reduced the amount of vanilla, 
and I let them dry longer than recommended before cutting...probably closer to 15 hours.  

I hope you will try making your own marshmallows.
Even if the only purpose is to add a little magic your own cup of hot chocolate. 



  1. Will definitely try these. Thanks for sharing your recipes and cute packaging ideas!

  2. Hi Emily, These are just darling and I love the gingham. There's nothing like homeade! I haven't tried to make my own and need to. Thanks for sharing! We are following each other on instagram. Hope you can pop over to my blog!


  3. Just makes my day when you post!----Lindsey

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  5. oops! Posted from the wrong email! Anyway, just wanted to say I love your Instagram pictures and look forward to exploring your site!

    1. Likewise! Thank you for your sweet words.