Happy Easter

It has been a busy and wonderful weekend at the farm.

I can't wait to share details with you.  

But, for now, I'd like to wish you and your families a wonderful Easter.

"You ask me how I know He lives?  He lives within my heart."
                                                                                        ~Alfred H. Ackley


For the Love of {Eggs}

Earlier this week, I shared a tutorial for making your own natural egg dyes.

I received several inquiries about the eggs I used.

I'll admit that I love having my own egg supply.

And, knowing...

Knowing that the chickens haven't received any antibiotics or hormones...

Knowing what they eat...

Knowing that they are free to roam in the fresh air and sunshine...

Knowing their names.

Why would I go through so much trouble to have healthy, sustainable, natural, eggs, only to dunk them in a cup of poison?

That is why I explored how to make natural egg dyes.


All-Natural Easter Egg Dye {DIY}

Yesterday, I shared a recipe for making egg dyes using natural ingredients.

I used ingredients I had in my kitchen.

All dyes were plant based.

For recipe and instructions, read here.

I received several questions about the individual colors.


Farm Fresh Easter Eggs {Natural Egg Dye Recipe}

One of the best things about farm living is having fresh eggs.

Within yards of the house.

I decided to color some eggs using dyes made from items found in my kitchen.

No artificial colors.


Friday at the Farm: {Early Spring Heirlooms}

"The deep roots never doubt that Spring will come."
                                                                                                   -Marty Rubin

These flowers are always the first sign of Spring at the farm.

The sunny yellow hue an appropriate harbinger of the sunny days to come.


Eye Candy: {Prentice Hicks Glass}

A few weeks ago, I mused about the {relatively new} tradition of bridal/wedding registries.

So far, we have registered at one store.*  

I mentioned that occasionally I like to give gifts that aren't on the registry, so I thought I'd share one of my favorites.

Prentice Hicks Glass  

Each piece of glass is a work of art... that can be used in everyday life. 


Monday Musings: {The Wedding Theme}

I know there are women who have had their weddings planned in their heads for years...

Who have clipped and saved photos {and the modern version...pinned images...}

Who had the notebook under their beds just sitting on 'go' when the proposal came...

I am not one of those women. 


The First Blog Mention

My little newbie blog received its first mention by an established blog this past week.

All thanks to Sandy, over at You May Be Wandering.

Her blog is gorgeous, and full of all kinds of tips and tricks for travelling. 
But, it's more than that. 
She is witty, has brilliant ideas, and her enthusiasm for the world around her really does come through her writing.  

This photograph started it all:

Dome of St. Peter's Basilica, from inside Vatican


What I Wore to Work {+ shopping tips}

Do you ever buy a piece of clothing, and later think to yourself,

"I wish I would've bought two or four of these..."?

Because that piece becomes a go-to favorite, and you know you'll actually be sad when it is ruined, torn, stained, worn out, or otherwise out of commission? 

That happened to me with this blouse.

It is from the Brooks Bothers Factory Store. 

Machine washable.



Monday Musings: Guard Donkeys

Meet Stella.

Guardian Donkey.

Donkeys and coyotes are natural enemies.

I have realized that this little law of nature is not widely known outside of cattlemen and farming circles.


How I Proposed...To My Bridesmaids

I decided to use handwritten notes to ask the special ladies in my life to be bridesmaids.

{ If you're new to the blog, see Tuesday's post here about the handmade cards.}

I was given a bit of an inferiority complex by the "short film" brides, so I jazzed up the cards to make them more like gifts.

I included a few other girly touches like a gingham ribbon.


Bridesmaid Proposals

Did you know there is a wedding trend known as "bridesmaid proposals"...
basically, a proposal to those ladies in your life...
to ask them to be bridesmaids in a creative and special way?

I did not.  I do now.

I have been an attendant in eight weddings.  The latest was a few years ago.

Apparently this trend emerged somewhere in the interim?

I suppose it makes sense, women love this sort of thing.

And bridesmaids typically spend lots of time and money to make sure the bride's day {and general bridal experience} is as special as possible.

I have read about brides "proposing" using videos and short films, grand gestures, etc.

I took a much simpler approach.